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AVS Response Codes

Common AVS Response Code Letters
& Their Meanings!

Y Exact Match
N Not A Match
A Address Match Only
Z Zip Code Match Only
S Service Not Supported (often for non-US credit cards, get proof from cardholder via fax if possible)
U Address Information Not Available (call cardholder's issuing bank)
X When with "YY" means exact match. Otherwise, "XXU" means address Information Not Available (call cardholder's issuing bank)
R Retry--System Unavailable Or Timed Out
W Zip Code OK
E Error Response For Merchant Service Category Code

Credit Card Company Phone Numbers!

CompanyPhone Number
Visa/MasterCard 1-800-228-1122
Discover Card 1-800-347-1111 option 2
American Express 1-800-528-2121 option 3
CardService International Merchant Services 1-800-456-5989
If do not use CardService International Contact Your Merchant Account Provider
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