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Fraud-Related Articles by Michelle Rahm
About Michelle Rahm

Dear Fellow Internet Merchants,

It is my wish that you have discovered this page before being bitten by fraud and that the information provided in the articles below will be of great benefit to you.

I started my first e-commerce website in 1997, so I learned the ropes of credit card verification before fraud became such a huge problem. Unfortunately, neither banks nor merchant account providers do a sufficient job of training new merchants how to protect themselves against fraud. So merchants are often thrown to the wolves with out any knowledge of how to identify fraud or properly verify credit card transactions.

It has been my mission over the past several years to help train merchants how to avoid falling victim to Internet fraud. Of course, there are no guarantees you will be fraud-free and techniques and scams are always changing. But I will do my best to update often. Please check back regularly for additional articles. I hope you enjoy and learn from the following articles.

Warmest Regards,

Michelle M. Rahm

P.S. Please feel free to email me your story so we can all learn from your experience: michelle at merchandisebrokers.com.

Credit Card Verifications, Part I
Credit Card Verifications, Part II
No Mercy For Credit Card Crooks
Payment Alternatives For High Dollar Sales
Google Checkout: A No-Brainer For Foiling Fraud Retailers Fall Victim To Phone Order Scammers

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Michelle Rahm of JewelryImpressions.com is a recognized expert in online fraud prevention. Rahm has spoken to a number of groups, written articles and been an interview subject for a number of leading trade, Internet and media outlets. Contact her at (970) 535-4139.

Contact Michelle at 970-535-4139 to speak at your next event.

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