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JewelryImpressions.com Goes To Hollywood

During a recent visit to Hollywood, Michelle had the fabulous opportunity to participate in a celebrity promotional event held in conjunction with the Emmy Awards. She was fortunate to meet several celebrities and tell them about JewelryImpressions.com. These photos are of celebrities actually wearing JewelryImpressions.com jewelry. The celebrities own the jewelry pieces they are wearing.

Brenda Song Wearing Her JewelryImpressions Silver Cross Necklace
Brenda Song looks fabulous wearing our antiqued silver cross jewelry set.
Joan Pirkle Smith Wearing JewelryImpressions Diamond Pendant
Kurtwood Smith with wife Joan wearing this beautiful two-tone diamond pendant.
Joan Pirkle Smith Wearing Her JewelryImpressions Diamond Pendant
Joan Pirkle Smith looked fabulous wearing this gorgeous 14k gold rose gold round diamond pendant on the red carpet.
John Schneider Wearing His JewelryImpressions.com bracelet
John Schneider prefers this men's stainless steel bracelet.
Kaycee Stroh wearing her JewelryImpressions.com necklace
Kaycee Stroh likes our silver victorian crystal chandelier jewelry set.
Monique Coleman Wearing her JewelryImpressions.com eternity pendant
Monique Coleman loves this fabulous sterling silver eternity pendant.
Paige Davis poses with her sterling silver necklace from JewelryImpressions.com
Paige Davis looks fabulous with this mystic lavender sterling silver oval cz set.
Finola Huges Wearing her Eastern Om Necklace from Jewelryimpressions.com
Finola Hughes looks beautiful with this sterling silver Eastern Ohm pendant.
Hal Sparks wearing his Fleur De Lis necklace from jewelryimpressions.com
Hal Sparks prefers our sterling silver Fleur de Lis on a black silk cord.
Jessica Stroup wearing her sterling silver necklace from jewelryimpressions.com
Our delicate sterling silver aqua CZ necklace looks great on Jessica Stroup.
Christopher Rich wearing his stainless steel bracelet from jewelryimpressions.com
Christopher Rich prefers this masculine men's stainless steel bracelet.
Lucy Hale posing with her silver cross necklace from jewelryimpressions.com
Lucy Hale likes our popular antiqued silver cross jewelry set.
Mystery strikes a pose with his polished stone bracelet from jewelryimpressions.com
This black polished stone bracelet is just the right style for pick-up guy Mystery.
Lauren Pritchard loves her classic ohm necklace from JewelryImpressions.com
Lauren Pritchard loves her classic ohm necklace.
Jeffrey Ross strikes a pose with his stainless steel bracelet from JewelryImpressions.com
Actor/Comedian Jeffrey Ross likes the look of this classy men's stainless steel bracelet.
Stephen Root wearing his stainless steel bracelet from jewelryimpressions.com
Stephen Root looks great wearing our rugged men's stainless steel bracelet.
Kate Linder wearing her eternity necklace from jewelryimpressions.com
Soap opera star Kate Linder looks stunning wearing this sterling silver eternity necklace.
Gabrielle Carteris wearing her Fleur de Lis necklace from jewelryimpressions.com
Gabrielle Carteris loves the look of this Fleur de Lis necklace on a sterling silver chain.
Jodi Sweetin displays her black crystal filigree cross necklace from Jewelryimpressions.com.
Jodi Sweetin displays her black crystal filigree cross necklace.
Adrianne Looks fabulous wearing her classic Om necklace from jewelryImpressions.com
Our sterling silver classic Ohm necklace is perfect for model Adrianne Curry.
New York, Tiffany Pollard shows off her beautiful Ornate Bronze Crystal Necklace from jewelryimpressions.com
Tiffany Pollard shows off her beautiful ornate bronze crystal necklace.

Click here for more celebrity photos.

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