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Chatham Emerald Facts

The beauty of fine quality natural emeralds at a fraction of the cost.

Genuine Chatham lab created synthetic emeralds are real emeralds. They are not fakes, faux or imitation gemstones. The natural process of nature is recreated in the Chatham Research Labs. These Chatham emeralds have the same optical and chemical properties of the natural gems and they are composed of the same natural elements. All emeralds have telltale inclusions locked in each stone. Only the trained eye of a gemologist can distinguish the subtle variations between a Chatham Created Emerald and one grown naturally in the earth.

Many of the world's best natural emeralds are mined in Colombia. In the current world market, a fine quality emerald of good color surpasses a diamond in value. Unfortunately emerald mining causes tremendous environmental damage because emeralds are often mined in a strip mining process. Chatham emeralds are green in more ways than one. The process of Chatham does nothing to harm the environment and capture the unrivaled beauty of the best natural emeralds at a fraction of the cost.

Many of the commercial grade natural emeralds on the market today are cloudy or have been artificially color enhanced. Consumers should be wary of color enhanced natural emeralds as these treatments are not permanent and the color may fade with the passing years. Genuine Chatham Created Emeralds offer a beautiful alternative. Chatham lab grown synthetic gemstones are never artificially enhanced or treated and their color is natural and permanent.

Emerald is the birthstone of May.

We offer beautiful Chatham lab grown synthetic emeralds in stunning emerald jewelry or as loose stones.

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