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Chatham Sapphire Facts

Our brilliant array of Chatham lab created synthetic sapphires includes blue sapphires, pink sapphires and padparadschas.

According to the ancient Persian view of the earth, the globe sits on an enormous blue sapphire that gives color to the sea and sky. Though the name sapphire literally means "blue" in Latin, a sapphire can be any color.

Brilliant natural sapphires originate primarily in Australia, Burma, India, Kahmir and Sri Lanka. The supply of these stones is rapidly dwindling. In 1975, Chatham Laboratories announced the growing of the first created blue sapphire.

Even rarer than blue sapphire is the orange-pink Padparadscha sapphire, which are highly valued for their astonishing color. This stone ranges in color from pinkish orange to orangy pink. It is primarily found on the island of Sri Lanka off the coast of India. The name is derived from the Sri Lankan description of a lotus blossom flower in bloom. In 1980, Chatham successfully grew its first rare padparadscha followed by the pink sapphire in 1993.

There is much debate in the gem world concerning when a sapphire in a red hue becomes a ruby and not a pink stone. The Chatham lab grown pink sapphire is HOT in color and exhibits much more glow than any ruby we've seen, therefore, we feel it deserves a special designation as a pink sapphire.

As with all Chatham lab grown synthetic gemstones, Chatham blue sapphires, Chatham Padparadschas and Chatham Pink Sapphires are identical to natural gemstones in crystal structure, hardness and optical qualities. Only trained gemologists can determine the origin of these stones. And all Chatham sapphires, regardless of color or quality, are never treated or enhanced in any way other than cutting and polishing.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September and is the five-year anniversary stone.

We offer beautiful Chatham lab grown synthetic sapphires in stunning sapphire jewelry or as loose stones.

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