Lab Grown Trillion Rubies

Chatham created trillion rubies

Chatham Ruby CrystalThe rich red color of Chatham lab grown trillion rubies rivals the color of the finest Burmese rubies. Some call it pigeon blood red. We call it beautiful!

Chatham lab grown rubies are not cheap flame fusion or pulled rubies. They are flux rubies. Chatham was the first company in the world to commercially produce flux ruby in 1958. Flux rubies grow in their natural crystal habit. So the crystal structure is identical to mined rubies. Most mined rubies on the market are cloudy and unattractive. Mined rubies with exceptional color and clarity are rare and very pricey. Because Chatham rubies are carefully grown, you can expect your Chatham created trillion ruby to have gorgeous color and consistent quality. All Chatham created rubies are gem quality with no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Best of all, Chatham trillion rubies cost a fraction of natural mined rubies.

Graduate gemologists on staff to help you

Need help selecting the perfect Chatham lab grown trillion ruby? Call our staff gemologist for one-on-one attention you deserve to select the perfect stone. If you don’t see the stone you’re looking for, we can custom cut one to suit your needs.

Consider our Custom Jewelry Design and creation services. You’ll work closely with a design consultant to have your gorgeous Chatham trillion ruby mounted in a custom jewelry masterpiece. Call us today at 303-931-3141 for personal assistance. 

This contemporary two tone pendant slide features a 7x7mm Chatham-created ruby trillion center stone and diamond accents. Contact our Custom Jewelry Design department to get this or another jewelry piece for your Chatham trillion ruby. will price match any legitimate Chatham dealer.

Trillion Size/Weight Chart

Pictures not actual size. Ruby is denser than diamond, so it weighs more for the same physical size. Because carat is a measurement of weight, not size, it’s important to order colored stones based on physical size rather than carat weight.

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In 2014 Michelle went to Madagascar to learn about the geology and mineralogy of the country. She was excited to visit some of the mining localities she learned about in her studies to be a Graduate Gemologist. However, it wasn't the sparkly colorful gems that caught her eye. Rather, it was the children...the little gems of Madagascar. Michelle founded in 2015. She visits Madagascar for about two months each year doing humanitarian projects, including clean water, sanitation, education and hygiene.

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