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Classic Costume Jewelry: Premium Gold Bonded Jewelry

Our premium quality Classic Costume Jewelry store features a wide variety of costume jewelry including gold bonded fashion jewelry, Swarovski crystal jewelry, vermeil jewelry, cubic zirconia jewelry and more. Now enjoy even lower prices on these premium quality fine gold costume jewelry pieces. Choose from cubic zirconia tennis bracelets, cz pendants, earrings & rings; vermeil chains & pendants; 24 karat gold bonded necklaces, bracelets, earrings & accessories; Swarovski Austrian crystal jewelry sets & other gold costume jewelry accessories. Best of all, our premium classic costume jewelry items are backed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Premium Quality

With our premium quality costume jewelry line, you'll get the appearance and durability of fine gold jewelry at a fraction of the price. The superior quality of our gold jewelry is unparalleled in the costume jewelry industry. We put 10 to 20 times more gold in each piece than 95% of the gold costume jewelry sold today! This is essential in keeping the fine gold jewelry look and durability while maintaining gold costume jewelry prices. In fact, when you purchase our costume jewelry, you'll get better quality and value than the gold costume jewelry in most high-end, fancy department stores.

Fine Craftsmanship

Each of our pieces contains only the highest quality, most enduring base metals of either solid brass or sterling silver. Then we cover it with considerable amounts of solid 24 karat gold. For added protection, we take our proprietary process one step further and cover the 24 karat gold with 14 karat gold to ensure our costume jewelry has that fine gold jewelry look and durability. Even trained eyes cannot distinguish the difference between our gold costume jewelry and solid 14 karat gold jewelry.

By comparison, many costume jewelry manufacturers use pot metal or plastic as a base for their jewelry which can break easily and often cause allergic reactions. Then they simply flash plate their jewelry with only a thin layer of 10-karat gold. For this reason, it is common for electroplated jewelry to lose its finish quickly. With our jewelry, you won't have this problem. And we guarantee it!

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