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Designer Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Save On Designer Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Our designer gemstone jewelry line features these contemporary blue sapphire jewelry pieces. Choose from lovely blue sapphire pendants, earrings and designer style blue sapphire rings gently wrapped in gold and silver. These gorgeous blue sapphire jewelry pieces feature genuine Chatham-created blue sapphires, many with diamond and companion gemstone accents. Mix and match your favorite pieces to create a compelling blue sapphire jewelry ensemble. Can't find what you're looking for? Call us today for your own custom designed blue sapphire jewelry piece featuring either natural blue sapphires or Chatham-created blue sapphires (970-535-0191).

Blue Sapphire is the birthstone for September. Check out our Birthstone Jewelry Collection for simple blue sapphire birthstone pieces.

Did you know: Both sapphire and ruby belong to the same gem species, Corundum. In its purest form, corundum is rare and colorless, however, the trace element chromium causes the rich red hue in ruby while iron and titanium cause the gorgeous blue of sapphire.

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Photo color will vary based on monitor settings. All weights & measurements are close approximations. Learn more about common gemstone treatments and enhancements and other interesting gemstone information by visiting our gemstone facts section and our gemstone blog.

Can't find what you're looking for? We have so much more available than what you see on our website. Contact us and we'll help you find it: 970-535-0191
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