Custom Cut 16×10.25mm Chatham-Created Pear Shaped Emerald, Gem Quality/Eye-Clean, Estimated Weight Range 5.90 to 6.60ct.



The 16×10.25mm Chatham-created lab-grown pear shaped emerald is estimated to be in the carat range of 5.90 to 6.60 cts. at $562.50 per carat.

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Chatham created emeralds have the color of the finest Colombian emeralds…gorgeous green with bluish undertones. They are not imitation emeralds, rather they are REAL emeralds carefully grown in their natural crystal habit. Chatham created emeralds are beautiful and affordable. Because Chatham emeralds are grown in a controlled environment, it’s easier to yield the best the color and quality. All Chatham emeralds are eye-clean, meaning there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Best of all Chatham emeralds cost a fraction of the price of mined emeralds.

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The 16×10.25mm Chatham-created pear shaped emerald is estimated to be in the carat range of 5.90 to 6.60 cts. Therefore, the price range will be $3,318.75 to $3,712.50, plus a $50 cutting fee. Again, if the finished stone comes out less than this range, will issue you a credit based on the carat weight difference at $562.50 per carat. If it turns out heavier than 6.60 ct. will not charge you more than the 6.60ct. price. So, the most you will pay is $3,712.50 plus the $50 cutting fee.

Charging today based on the lowest weight in the estimated range, so that will be $3,368.75. IF you are in Colorado, then sales tax would apply.

This sale would be non-refundable, non-returnable upon order and the stone could take 6-8 weeks in production. I hope it will be sooner, but I can’t guarantee it.