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Spring Green Diamonds

What Are Spring Green Diamonds?

Spring Green Diamonds are natural, high clarity diamonds that start as diamonds of less than desirable colors possessing uniquely inherent color properties. Under the right conditions, these diamonds are able to permanently express a beautiful bright green color, possibly the most beautiful color of all diamonds in this world.

They reveal this stable color after briefly being exposed to a tremendous amount of heat inside a sophisticated apparatus that recreates similar temperatures and pressures found 100 miles under the earth’s surface. We search the world for these unique diamonds and after extensive scientific analysis we select only those with the right properties. And we only acquire conflict free diamonds that are mostly from Russia, Canada, and Brazil.

Intense bright green diamonds directly from the ground are extremely rare and expensive. One carat plus diamonds of this color are sold at auctions for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Spring Green Diamond has been given a second chance at becoming the color diamond beauty that it really is. And since our original cost for the diamond was very reasonable, and our science and technology is the most advanced in the world, we are able to offer the Spring Green Diamond at prices comparable to a “G-H color” colorless diamond.

Spring Green Diamond Prices
Desired Carat Weight x Price Per Carat = Stone Price

VVS Clarity
VS Clarity
SI Clarity
I1 Clarity
0.01-0.07 $1,575 $1,435 $1,190 $1,050
0.08-0.17 $1,873 $1,715 $1,330 $1,260
0.18-0.29 $2,258 $2,065 $1,610 $1,505
0.30-0.37 $3,885 $3,413 $2,678 $1,960
0.38-0.49 $3,990 $3,502 $2,760 $2,025
0.50-0.69 $5,145 $4,537 $3,548 $2,610
0.70-0.89 $5,782 $5,075 $3,990 $2,912
0.90-0.99 $6,234 $5,466 $4,281 $3,137
1.00-1.24 $7,467 $6,549 $5,138 $3,768
1.25-1.49 $8,100 $7,088 $5,555 $4,091
1.50-1.99 $9,360 $8,223 $6,435 $5,200
2.00-3.00 $10,500 $9,056 $7,094 $5,980

Our supply of spring green diamonds is always changing. If you're interested in one, please call us at 970-535-0191 and speak to one of our gemologists.