Custom Jewelry Design With Chatham-Created Gems and Lab-Grown Diamonds
Custom Jewelry, Lab Grown Diamonds and Gems


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Online since 1997, was a pioneer in online jewelry sales. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people like you, buy amazing jewelry. Today, we specialize in custom jewelry design services. Preferred stones among our clients are lab grown diamonds and Chatham created gems. But we can ethically source whatever stones you want. Our staff includes experienced gemologists, jewelers and design consultants. So you can have peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with professionals.

Customizable Jewelry Design Gallery

Visit our Jewelry Design Gallery for thousands of jewelry designs you can customize to fit your personal style. It’s a fun, budget-friendly, way to design your own jewelry. First, choose the mounting you like. Then customize it by selecting the metal type, center stone shape and size, accent stone types and more.

Custom Jewelry Design & Creation

Want a truly-unique piece of jewelry? offers full-service custom jewelry design and creation. Our mission is to create a breathtaking masterpiece you’ll cherish forever. We use CAD technology and offer a variety of metal options. An experienced design consultant will work closely with you from conception through completion. So you’ll get an amazing custom jewelry piece within your budget. Call us today at 303-931-3141 or visit our Custom Jewelry Design page for more information on how to get started.

Finished Jewelry Collections

In addition to our custom jewelry design and creation services, we offer hundreds of gorgeous finished jewelry pieces. Our Jewelry Collections feature designer-style silver and gold necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. Many pieces sparkle with natural diamonds and gemstones.

Custom jewelry from scratch
Custom Jewelry Services

One-of-a-kind and customizable jewelry pieces

Custom Jewelry Design

One-of-a-kind custom jewelry from scratch.

Custom jewelry design and creation services

Jewelry Gallery

Thousands of customizable jewelry pieces.

Customizable jewelry

Colored and colorless diamonds carefully grown.

Chatham Created Gems

Premium Chatham-created colored gemstones.

We source natural diamonds and gemstones.

Our Work In Madagascar

Changing lives for children and their families

We get our hands dirty!

In 2014 Michelle went to Madagascar to learn about the geology and mineralogy of the country. She was excited to visit some of the mining localities she learned about in her studies to be a Graduate Gemologist. However, it wasn't the sparkly colorful gems that caught her eye. Rather, it was the children...the little gems of Madagascar. Michelle founded in 2015. She visits Madagascar for about two months each year doing humanitarian projects, including clean water, sanitation, education and hygiene.

Little Gems Of Madagascar

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