Chatham Created Padparadschas

Lab grown padparadscha sapphires

Padparadscha hues of Chatham Created PadparadschasPadparadschas are an eye-catching fancy variety of sapphire. They are appropriately named after the beautiful color of the lotus flower in Sri Lanka. Displaying a mixture of red, pink and orange, padparadscha sapphires are as colorful as the sunset. Chatham created padparadschas rival some of the world’s most valuable mined padparadchas. Like all sapphires, padparadschas are doubly refractive and often exhibit pleochroism…the visible display of different body colors from different crystal directions in a gem. We stock Chatham padparadschas in medium tone, but some light and dark tones may be available. Medium tone is considered top color. The medium tone Chatham created padparadschas have a nice balance between red, pink and orange. Light Chatham created padparadschas tend to have more pink than orange. But sometimes they are a light orange. Dark Chatham padparadschas are a rich pumpkin orange. Many would consider them orange sapphires rather than padparadschas. It’s the color rather than the tone that defines the “dark” category of Chatham created padparadschas.

Chatham lab grown padparadschas are not cheap flame fusion or pulled sapphires. They grow in the natural crystal habit in a controlled environment. Because they are carefully grown, you can expect your Chatham created padparadscha to have gorgeous color and consistent quality. All Chatham sapphires are gem quality with no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Graduate gemologists on staff to help you

Need help selecting the perfect Chatham lab grown padparadscha? Call our staff gemologist for one-on-one attention you deserve to select the perfect stone. If you don’t see the stone you’re looking for, we can custom cut one to suit your needs.

Consider our Custom Jewelry Design and creation services. You’ll work closely with a design consultant to have your gorgeous Chatham created padparadscha mounted in a custom jewelry masterpiece. Call us today at 303-931-3141 for personal assistance. Karlene wanted a special ring for her 40th anniversary. We worked closely with her to design this beautiful ring for her, shown right. It features a light Chatham created padparadscha center and “dark” orange sapphire princess cut accents. will price match any legitimate Chatham dealer.


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