Lab Grown Champagne Sapphires

Chatham Created Champagne Sapphires

Lab grown Chatham champagne sapphireThe gentle hues of these gorgeous champagne sapphires rival morganites, light padparadshcas or even pastel colored diamonds. Champagne sapphires rate 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. By comparison, morganite’s only rate 7.5 – 8. So champagne sapphires are a more durable alternative to morganites. These lovely sapphires come in two color categories: Champagne and Pink Champagne. As with all colored stones, color can vary from hue to hue, so these images should serve as a general guideline of the color range of our stones. Champagne is orange dominant and ranges from yellowish-orange to pinkish orange. Pink Champagne is pink dominant and ranges from a light rose to a pastel violetish pink. Keep in mind, your monitor settings will have an affect on how colors are displayed. The best way to judge a colored stone is to see it in person, rather than from a photograph.

Like all Chatham lab-grown sapphires, champagne sapphires are high quality, flux-grown sapphires that grow in the same crystal structure as mined stones. They are not cheap flame-fusion stones. Gem quality means there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

We currently offer Chatham champagne sapphires in common shapes and sizes. Other sizes and shapes are available for custom orders.

18K Rose gold engagement ring with 11x9mm Chatham created antique cushion pink champagne sapphireLet our graduate gemologist help you

Need help selecting the perfect Chatham champagne sapphire? Call our staff gemologist for one-on-one attention you deserve to select the perfect stone. If you don’t see the stone you’re looking for, we can custom cut one to suit your needs. Consider our custom jewelry design and creation services. You’ll work closely with a design consultant to have your gorgeous Chatham champagne sapphire mounted in a custom jewelry masterpiece. Call us today at 303-931-3141 for personal assistance. Sofia contacted us to make her dream ring, shown right. It features a 7mm square cushion Chatham champagne sapphire. In her own words, “the ring is fantastic!”

We will price match any legitimate Chatham retailer.

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