Chatham Created Gems

Special-Offer and Custom Cut Lab-Grown Gems

Custom Cut Chatham Created GemsNeed a unique lab-grown gemstone for your special jewelry masterpiece? We can custom cut any of our regular Chatham-Created Gems in just about any shape and size. We also offer Chatham amethysts, white sapphires and Paraiba spinels as custom cut stones. Likewise, there is a very limited inventory of our seafoam garnets left as well.

Seafoam garnets were created as part of a Chatham materials research project to grow a synthetic Paraiba look-alike. While the experiment was successful in creating these fabulous gemstones, it wasn’t kind to the machines used to do so. So these beautiful Chatham gemstones are truly a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. Inventory is slim and once the supply of these stones runs out, they’re gone for good.

Oliver and Amie (right) wanted something special and unique for her engagement ring, so they bought one of our Chatham seafoam garnets to be set into one of our amazing engagement rings, shown left. They couldn’t be happier with their ring.  

Chatham Paraiba SpinelThe good news is, Chatham found another way to make Paraiba look-alikes! Paraiba spinels were successfully developed recently to mimic the gorgeous color of Paraiba tourmalines. Chatham Paraiba spinels, rating 8 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, are a more durable, less expensive alternative to natural Paraiba tourmalines. Natural Paraiba tourmalines rate 7 on the Moh’s scale of hardness and their rarity makes them extremely pricey. Chatham gem-quality Paraiba spinels cost a fraction of natural Paraibas for the same color and clarity. We offer Chatham Paraiba spinels as custom cut stone in two different hues.

Chatham amethysts are real amethysts, grown under controlled conditions. So their color and quality are top-notch! Chatham amethysts rival the finest natural amethysts on the market with their rich purple color and gem-quality clarity. The pear shaped amethyst shown in the rose gold ring to the left shows the beautiful color of Chatham amethysts.

For more information how how you can get a Chatham-Created Gem custom cut for your amazing jewelry piece, call 303-931-3141 or email our staff gemologist at

Chatham Created Gems

Chatham round alexandrite


Chatham princess cut aqua spinel

Aqua Spinels

Chatham oval blue sapphire

Blue Sapphires

Chatham Champagne Sapphires

Champagne Sapphires

Chatham Seafoam Chrysoberyls


Chatham Octagon emerald


Chatham Trillion Padparadscha


Chatham Paraiba Spinel

Paraiba Spinels

Chatham Pink Champagne Sapphire

Pink Champagne Sapphires

Chatham cushion cut pink sapphire

Pink Sapphires

Chatham marquise ruby


Chatham Oval Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphires

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