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Chatham Created Emerald Cut EmeraldsFor green-minded and budget savvy consumers, we’re proud to offer you eco-friendly Chatham created gems for your jewelry piece. Chatham created gems are real gems naturally grown in a controlled environment. We offer Chatham loose emeralds, aqua spinels, alexandrites, blue sapphires, rubies, padparadschas, yellow sapphires and pink sapphires at fabulous prices.

Ask us about custom cut Chatham amethysts, Paraiba spinels and white sapphires. Some seafoam garnets still available as well. 

Top color and quality backed with a warranty

All Chatham gems are grown using a method that best replicates the crystal growing process deep within the earth. Chatham simply creates the environment in which the gems can grow, and nature takes over. Only trained gemologists with magnification can tell the difference between Chatham-grown and mined gemstones. Because Chatham crystal growth is more predictable and consistent, their method yields the finest qualities and colors found in nature at a much lower price. Diminish your carbon footprint by featuring a Chatham-created center stone in your custom jewelry piece.

Trust, integrity, and value are at the heart of Chatham. For your peace of mind, we provide a lifetime warranty on Chatham stones. A small bi-fold included with your purchase certifies the stones authenticity and details the warranty.

Gemologists on staff to assist you

We know picking a loose stone can be challenging. That’s why we encourage you to work with one of our staff GIA trained Graduate Gemologists. They can help you pick the perfect stone. Follow the links below to see what stones we have in stock. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you need help, call us at: 970-535-0191. Need an unusual size or shape stone? We can also have a Chatham gem custom cut to your specifications.

Consider using our Custom Jewelry Design services. Bryan wanted a unique filigree pendant with Chatham emeralds, padparadschas and yellow sapphires. So we designed the pendant to the right.


Chatham Created Gems

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Chatham Created Gems

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