Chatham Created Pink Sapphires

Lab grown pink sapphires

Chatham Pink Sapphire CrystalChatham created pink sapphires are just as beautiful as some of the worlds most valuable mined sapphires. Pink sapphires are doubly refractive and often exhibit pleochroism…the visible display of different body colors from different crystal directions in a gem. Typically, Chatham created pink sapphires show lavender, red and pink pleochroic colors. We stock Chatham sapphires in medium tone, but some light and dark tones may be available. Medium tone is considered top color. The medium tone pink sapphires have a gorgeous pink body color with slight lavender undertones. They also have nice light return. Light Chatham created pink sapphires have more brilliance. But they are lighter in tone with more lavender. Dark Chatham sapphires have deep reddish pink body color. They have less lavender, but also less light return. 

Chatham lab grown pink sapphires are not cheap flame fusion or pulled sapphires. They grow in the natural crystal habit in a controlled environment, shown left. Because they are carefully grown, you can expect your Chatham created pink sapphire to have gorgeous color and consistent quality. All Chatham sapphires are gem quality with no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Graduate gemologists on staff to help you14k rose gold Chatham emerald cut pink sapphire ring

Need help selecting the perfect Chatham lab grown pink sapphire? Call our staff gemologist for one-on-one attention you deserve to select the perfect stone. If you don’t see the stone you’re looking for, we can custom cut one to suit your needs.

Consider our Custom Jewelry Design and creation services. You’ll work closely with a design consultant to have your gorgeous Chatham pink sapphire mounted in a custom jewelry masterpiece. Call us today at 303-931-3141 for personal assistance.

We enjoyed helping Jeremiah get the perfect ring for his fiancé’ Jamie. This simply beautiful ring features a 9x7mm Chatham-created emerald cut dark pink sapphire in 14k rose gold. “I wanted something specific and unique. I looked around to get some ideas but I knew there was only one place to get just exactly what I wanted. The ring turned-out perfect. My fiancé LOVES it and so many people have commented on how beautiful it is.” will price match any legitimate Chatham dealer.

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Pink sapphire is a durable alternative for pink topaz as October's Birthstone

Chatham Antique Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Chatham Baguette Pink Sapphire Chatham Heart Pink Sapphire Chatham Marquise Pink Sapphire Chatham Octagon Pink Sapphire Chatham Oval Pink Sapphire Chatham Pear Shaped Pink Sapphire Chatham Princess Cut Pink Sapphire Chatham Round Pink Sapphire Chatham Square Cushion Pink Sapphire Chatham Trillion Pink Sapphire

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