lab-grown yellow diamondLab Grown Diamonds

Real diamonds grown in a lab

Lab grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable. They are real diamonds grown inside under precisely controlled conditions. For this reason, these diamonds are more eco-friendly and less expensive than mined diamonds. We offer laboratory grown diamonds in many shapes, sizes and colors including pink, blue and colorless diamonds. Limited lab-grown yellow diamonds and other colors are also available. We sold this amazing yellow diamond to a client for the center stone in her fabulous engagement ring.

Now you can have a real diamond with the same brilliance and durability of a mined diamond, without the astronomical price.

Let us do the searching for you!

Searching for a diamond can be a dauting task. Our knowledgeable staff graduate gemologist (GIA) looks at many factors beyond the 4 Cs to find the best diamond within your budget. Whether you’re looking for a diamond center stone or small accent diamonds, we’ll find the perfect diamonds for you. Be sure to tell us your preferred color, clarity and carat weight range. It’s also important to tell us your budget range so we can find best value for your budget. Click on the Request Diamonds button to the right to complete our diamond request form. Don’t want to complete a form? Call us at 303-931-3141.

Our custom work is amazing!

We specialize in creating custom jewelry with lab-grown stones. That’s what we love to do. Compared to other custom jewelers, our quality and craftsmanship is superior. Our finish work is amazing. And our prices are almost always lower than traditional jewelers. Because we have been selling on the web since 1997, you can have peace of mind knowing you can trust us to make your perfect engagement ring or jewelry piece.

Check out these fabulous rings made with lab-grown diamonds

Jewelry Collections

Designer style jewelry collections

Elegant gold jewelry with diamonds and gemstones.

Brilliant colored & colorless diamonds in gold mountings.

Gorgeous pearls wrapped in silver and gold mountings.

Contemporary silver jewelry with gemstones and diamonds.

Custom Jewelry Services

One-of-a-kind and customizable jewelry pieces

Custom Jewelry Design

One-of-a-kind custom jewelry from scratch.

Jewelry Gallery

Thousands of customizable jewelry pieces.

Loose Stones

Natural and lab-grown diamonds and gemstones

Colored and colorless diamonds carefully grown.

Premium quality lab-grown colored gemstones.

We source natural diamonds and gemstones.

Our Work In Madagascar

Changing lives for children and their families

We get our hands dirty!

In 2014 Michelle went to Madagascar to learn about the geology and mineralogy of the country. She was excited to visit some of the mining localities she learned about in her studies to be a Graduate Gemologist. However, it wasn't the sparkly colorful gems that caught her eye. Rather, it was the children...the little gems of Madagascar. Michelle founded in 2015. She visits Madagascar for about two months each year doing humanitarian projects, including clean water, sanitation, education and hygiene.

Little Gems Of Madagascar

What We Do

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