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Opals exhibit a phenomena known as Play of Color, referring to the flashing rainbow color in opal. Top quality natural opals with excellent play of color are rare and valuable.

From rare and precious dramatic black opal, to crystal, and to white opaque opal with its vast galaxy of color, the Chatham Created Opal is available in a wide range of colors. Pierre Gilson Sr. of France first invented the synthetic opal producing process in 1974. This process is considered the truest gemological process in the world today. Unlike natural mined opal, Chatham created opal is much more durable and not prone to breaking. And also the colors are natural with no treatment or enhancements. Best of all, Chatham created opal is a fraction of the price of mined opal of the same quality.

Graduate gemologists on staff to help you

Selecting the perfect Chatham-created opal is a personal experience we want you to enjoy. At we believe in offering you the one-on-one attention you deserve to select just the right Chatham-created opal at an exceptional price. For additional questions, feel free to contact us at 970-535-0191.

There are 11 color ranges available for Chatham created opals, shown left. Chatham lab created opals are stocked primarily in oval cabochons in a variety of sizes. Chatham opals are available in very limited quantities due to the 14 to 18 month production cycle. Matching colors is also extremely difficult. If we don’t have the opal you want in stock, we can custom cut one. will price match any legitimate Chatham dealer.


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