Colored Lab Grown Diamonds

Real diamonds grown in a lab

lab-grown yellow diamond

Colored lab-grown diamonds, especially pink diamonds, are difficult to grow to achieve the most desired colors. Lab-grown pink diamonds often have modifying colors, such as orange, brown or purple. But when perfect pink color is achieved, it comes with a premium price because they are rare. Still, pinks with modifying colors can be quite beautiful. For example, an orange modifier can produce a beautiful peachy pink color. Blue and yellow diamonds are easier to achieve desirable colors. All colored lab-grown diamonds are more eco-friendly and less expensive than mined diamonds. Because they are real diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are identical chemically, physically and optically to mined diamonds, they’re just grown in a lab.

Our lab created colored diamonds are graded just like natural diamonds. Of course, the primary determining factor in grading your colored lab-grown diamond is the color, followed by the clarity. Natural pink, yellow and blue diamonds command high prices! Now you can get the same brilliance, durability and gorgeous color of a natural colored diamond without the astronomical price. We found this amazing yellow diamond for the center stone in her fabulous engagement ring.

Now you can have a real colored lab-grown diamond with the same brilliance and durability of a mined diamond, without the astronomical price.

Let us do the searching

We have access to many thousands of diamonds from a variety of sources. So let us do the searching for you. Our staff gemologist looks at so much more than just the 4Cs to find your perfect colored lab-grown diamond. Take the guesswork out of searching online for your diamond. You can trust us to find the best stone for your budget. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to find it. Call 303-931-3141 or fill out our Request Diamonds form and we’ll get started.

Our custom work is amazingLab grown diamond ring

Justin wanted a special 5-stone ring for his bride to be. He chose this gorgeous trellis style 5-stone ring with center blue colored lab-grown diamond and side pinks and colorless diamonds. The ring turned our beautiful! Let us create your custom masterpiece. We offer heirloom quality at fabulous prices. Visit our Custom Jewelry tab to learn about our full service custom design and creation services.

Jeff wanted to give his wife this beautiful lab-grown pink diamond waterfall ring. In his own words:

“Wow! We got the ring yesterday and it looks great! Thank you Michelle for all the time and energy you put into this project. She loves it. I will be looking to do some other items in the near future. Thanks again, Jeff”

Check out these fabulous rings made with lab-grown diamonds.

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In 2014 Michelle went to Madagascar to learn about the geology and mineralogy of the country. She was excited to visit some of the mining localities she learned about in her studies to be a Graduate Gemologist. However, it wasn't the sparkly colorful gems that caught her eye. Rather, it was the children...the little gems of Madagascar. Michelle founded in 2015. She visits Madagascar for about two months each year doing humanitarian projects, including clean water, sanitation, education and hygiene.

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