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Our featured jewelry items are limited-time or sale items featured on our social media channels. We offer gold and silver jewelry, diamond and gemstone jewelry, and everything in between. Check out these contemporary jewelry styles at fabulous prices.


Love one of these styles, but need it customized to your needs? Contact us about our custom jewelry design and production services. You’ll be glad you did.

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Chatham Created Gems

Chatham round alexandrite

Chatham Alexandrites

Chatham princess cut aqua spinel

Chatham Aqua Spinels

Chatham oval blue sapphire

Chatham Blue Sapphires

Chatham square cushion champagne sapphire

Chatham Champagne Sapphires

Chatham Octagon emerald

Chatham Emeralds

Chatham Trillion Padparadscha

Chatham Padparadschas

Chatham cushion cut pink sapphire

Chatham Pink Sapphires

Chatham marquise ruby

Chatham Rubies

Chatham Oval Yellow Sapphire

Chatham Yellow Sapphires